cleaning club: birth edition

Yesterday Rachel and I had the great honor of being present while Shannon gave birth to her new son, Michael Francis.

the first picture with all 6 kids!
Shannon had asked me early in her pregnancy if I would photograph the birth, and I was quick to agree! I have never attended a birth other than my own, and I was excited to capture the day with images for Shannon and her family.







Shannon & Michael
And look! Rachel in action doing a bit of laundry before we left the house so everyone could rest. I helped by taking pictures of her :)

Rachel folding laundry
Now, I know that this all seems very far outside what you probably would consider normal for a little group of women who get together to clean each other's houses. But we say that this is how things *should* be! Women working together and supporting each other through life. The time we have spent in each others homes; helping with cleaning and organizing projects and supporting each other emotionally through all the daily trials of motherhood; has given us all such an amazing sense of trust and love for one another. It was truly a gift for us to be able to share this day with Shannon and her family, and I know we will never forget it as long as we live.

Michael Francis
Happy birthday to Michael! And congratulations to Shannon and Pat- you guys did great and he is just beautiful. I am so thankful you are a part of our lives.

Pat in the kitchen
(I almost forgot: Michael's little hat is the Umbilical Cord pattern from Stitch 'N Bitch, adapted for sock yarn on size 3 needles. I used self striping yarn and it turned out so cute!)


  1. that is really great. That looks like a big baby! I wish life was like that everywhere.

  2. Beautiful pictures of such an amazing birth experience, Jennifer, I am all teary! Everyone looks so beautifully happy, and Michael is so perfectly beautiful!

  3. Thank you both---for transforming this from something about which I was so tentative and scared and overwhelmed by into this amazing experience and overflowing bounty of love. I cannot imagine this past 9 months without both you.

  4. Those photographs are so inspiring, beautiful, and love-filled. You ladies are awesome.

  5. sniff, sniff... tears of joy :-)
    what an amazing experience for everyone!

    welcome to the world, little Michael!

  6. Shannon is very lucky lady to have such wonderful friends, I just know her from online, and I feel honored to know her just a little. I wish I had a friend like that, Don't take it for granted.

  7. Denise, Iris and HenryOctober 30, 2009 8:16 PM

    Lucky you and lucky friend!

    You know you can come take pictures if I ever have another!

  8. you are amazing and congratulations to you all.

  9. Jennifer, Rachel...God Bless you both. You are such wonderful friends to Shannon. Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts of love with Shannon and her family. You are such gifts. As Shannon's mom who truly cares and worries about every little thing, you both have really also been a gift to me, in knowing that Shannon and her family are part of a bigger family who loves them.

  10. jennifer, you are such a gem. I'm glad to call you my friend and obviously there are many others with the same feelings about you! OK, I'm crying now- such a sweet thing :)