update: family

While I was digging through the photos to get the updates on the kids done, I found a number of family photos I thought I'd share too. We've been making an effort to set the timer on the camera more often and get a shot with all of us in it, and I'm so glad we have. They aren't studio portraits, but I think they are better. They catch us right in a moment- the way I'd rather remember us!

Halloween 2010
Halloween 2010

Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2010

Xmas tree outing- front seat
Christmas tree outing- front seat (pretty much the only time we all cram in our little truck!)

Xmas tree outing- back seat
Christmas tree outing- back seat!

Family, in the front yard
Just us, sitting on the wall along our driveway last summer

camping- Richard B. Russell SP
Camping at Richard B. Russell State Park

Crazy shot!
Don't forget to do a crazy shot sometimes too. Relieves the tension!

camping- Hard Labor Creek SP
Our most recent camping trip- to Hard Labor Creek State Park

Halloween 2011
And Halloween this year. Including a dismembered hand!

This weekend, do something with your family and take a picture of yourselves together! You'll be glad you did.   :)


  1. Great family photos! Thanks for sharing the views into your daily life ;-) Love, Mom

  2. Hey Jennifer and family, great to see you back. i don't blog any more either really - it is a commitment, and im not in the habit of doing it any more!
    you all look really well and I'm sending you some happy christmassy thoughts over the atlantic.

    take care!