new calendar

I have so many things to show off now that the gifts have all been given! I'll get my pictures organized and start with that on Monday. For today I'd like to talk about the super rad calendar I found on Etsy. If you haven't already bought one for your home or office, there is still time!

I decided this year not only to look for a handmade calendar but also to get a smaller one. I'd been buying a ginormous thing for the past several years which really would be great if you had many different schedules to keep track of, but I noticed the big boxes were often nearly empty (does this say something sad about our social life?) and the thing was just taking up a large amount of wall space. So when I saw this one over at the Magnolia Moonlight Etsy shop, I knew I was in love.

And now that it is in my hands I like it even more! I love the little wire hanger on the spiral binding. I love the bright colors and the quirkiness of the speech bubbles and mix-and-match typefaces. There is just enough room for me to jot down who's birthday it is or what our plans are for an evening out, and an ample margin at the top for notes if I need to take down a quick phone number or reminder. But what I was most surprised and excited to find was that the months were printed on both sides of the nice sturdy paper! I am thrilled to death when I see such little waste built right into a thing of beauty and function. And the little extras I have become accustomed to receiving as an Etsy customer were not overlooked either! A sweet little set of birdy badges was tucked inside for me to pin here and there. Very nice!

Here's to filling the pages of this snappy little calendar with lots of adventures in 2008!

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