waffle day

What do you do when it's National Waffle Day and you are running too low on milk to make your famous Belgian waffles? (I had a busy day and forgot to check or I could have had Jason stop at the store on his way home from work)

You load the family up and head to Waffle House, that's what you do. The big bonuses: Mom doesn't have to cook, you get to have hashbrowns (covered and chunked, thank you) with your pecan waffle, and of course- the jukebox. Who doesn't love loading a jukebox up with some choice selections before they sit down to eat?

Hope you had a very happy Waffle Day!



  1. How did I miss National Wafffle Day and a trip to Waffle House?
    Looks good and fun! I love you all and miss you so much! Pops

  2. man, i miss this day! stink!!!

    i love me some good waffle house waffles!!!

    december will be fun with all 21 of us!!! haha